The Research Demonstration Project « Paris 2024 »

The Research Demonstration Project « Paris 2024 RDP » is endorsed by the World Meteorological Organization, which is an institute from United Nations based in Geneva. This project is coordinated by Valéry Masson, researcher at Météo-France in the Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM) in Toulouse.

Air temperature at 2m (in Kelvin) simulated by the MesoNH model at100m of resolution for the 9th July 2017, at 12UTC (14h local time).

The goal of this international research project is to improve the numerical systems of weather forecasting in cities, in order to be able to reach fines spatial scales as fine as 100m, which corresponds the scales of a neighborhood. Are participating to the RDP approximately 15 laboratories and national meteorological services in a ten of countries on several continents (USA, Canada, United-Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, The Netherlands, China, Japan, Australia).

The scientific objectives to reach this goal of improvement of atmospheric models in cities are focused on the modeling aspects but also on the better knowledge of the extreme meteorological phenomena in cities in summer (thunderstorms, urban heat island during heat waves), and on how to produce pertinent information and services to the inhabitants and various urban end users.

In order to answer to these objectives, the RDP strongly contributes to the PANAME2022 experimental campaign. To complement the data of the campaign on the Paris agglomeration region, the RDP will implement:

  • A network of urban meteorological stations located on lamposts ibn Paris to observe the urban heat island (installed by CNRM)
  • Meteorological instruments on masts in order to document the surface energy budget of urban and suburban neighborhoods. This gives information on how the city heats the atmosphere. These measurements will be done on a very dense district (from the crane of Notre-Dame, by CNRM) and in a suburban area (Gonesse firestation), the latter installed by the UK Met Office.
  • Observations of temperature and humidity profiles above city center (CNRM) and the site of Météo-France at Charles de Gaulle airport.
  • Meterological balloons (radio-soundings), that will be launched by CNRM from Paris center, and on the (far suburban) operational site of Météo-France at Trappes.

The CNRM will also provide each day during the whole 2022 summer the numerical simulations of the urban weather on Paris region at very high resolution. These will be done with the AROME model at 500m of resolution, and the MesoNH model at 100m of resolution.